Make your own lowered, Sportmax type, seat

“Basically, I’m 5′ 7″, 150 lbs, 30” ish inside leg. There were times when I felt I needed more stability with my feet down, like when there’s a strong crosswind and you’re waiting at the lights. I liked the look of the Sportmax seat but couldn’t be without mine while it was sent to the US in exchange (also, shipping charges made it an expensive option). I looked around for a reliable upholsterer, found an excellent bike-friendly guy and showed him what I wanted.

He unstitched the OE seat and removed all the foam. He then cut & installed two layers of foam (‘comfort’ foam on top of a layer of base/harder foam). The cover was pulled into the shape I wanted (as Sportmax) then restiched & glued or stapled onto the base.

Result: the seat looks & feels like a Sportmax, 2″ – 3″ lower, & MUCH better than the OE seat! Also, you are now sitting IN the bike, not perched on top…

Importantly, I found other benefits, too :
(i) less buffeting around the chest / shoulders
(ii) much easier to manoeuvre / ‘walk’ the Max with feet
(iii) better handling (honest!) – I found it much easier throwing the Max over when taking corners & bends.

View any of the US VMax sites to see how popular the mod is. Oh, I nearly forgot, my friendly upholsterer did the seat in his spare time and charged me the grand sum of £25.00…”

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